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Martin Shaw bibliography

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Theory of the Global State: Globality as Unfinished Revolution December, from Cambridge University Press 

'Crystallizations of media in the global revolution: news coverage and power from Kurdistan to Kosova', in Brigitte Nacos and Robert Shapiro, eds, Decision-Making in a Glass House: Media, Public Opinion and American and European Foreign Policy, Boulder, Co.: Rowman and Littlefield, forthcoming

'The unfinished global revolution: social theory and political practice in the historical transition of our times', draft for John Hobson and Steve Hobden, eds, Historical Sociology and International Relations, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming

'Democracy and peace in the global revolution', in Tarak Barkawi and Mark Laffey, eds, Lynne Rienner's Critical Security Studies series, forthcoming

'Historical sociology and global transformation', in Ronen Palan, ed, New Theories of the Global Political Economy, Routledge, forthcoming

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Politics and Globalisation: Knowledge, Agency and Power, London: Routledge (edited)

Globality as a Revolutionary Transformation in Martin Shaw, ed, Politics and Globalisation, Routledge

'War and Society', in John W Chambers II, ed, The Oxford Companion to American Military History, New York: Oxford University Press

'The Political Meaning of Global Change', International Politics, 36, 429-34.

'Civil Society' in Lester Kurtz, ed, Encyclopaedia of Violence, Peace and Conflict, San Diego: Academic Press, pp. 269-78 (offprints available: email me)

‘The Kosovan War, 1998-99: State, War and Genocide in the Global Revolution’, Sociological Research Online, http://www.socresonline.org.uk/

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'The Global Revolution and the Challenge of the Twenty-First Century: From International Relations to Global Politics' in Stephen Chan and Jarrod Wiener, eds, Twentieth Century International History, IB Taurus, pp. 191-210

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'From Public Issues to Private Troubles', in Chet Ballard, Jon Gubbay and Christopher Middleton, eds, A Student's Companion to Sociology, Oxford: Blackwell, pp 31-38

'Nueva guerras urbanas', Dos, dos: revista sobre las cuidades, 2, Vallidolid, Spain, pp 67-75. English text, New wars of the city, available to download.

'Past Wars and Present Conflicts: From the Second World War to the Gulf', in Martin Lunn and Ken Evans, eds, War and Memory in the Twentieth Century, Leamington Spa: Berg, pp 191-205

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Civil Society and Media in Global Crises, London: Pinter

'Nova Varnostna Razprava in Druzbene Spremembe' (The New Security Debate and Social Transformations), translated by Marjan Malesic, in Malesic, ed, Razvoj Obramboslovne Misli, Ljubljana: University of Ljubljana Faculty of Social Sciences, pp 13-32

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Global Society and International Relations: Sociological Concepts and Political Perspectives, Cambridge: Polity Full text available to download, or available by mail order.

'Civil Society and Global Politics: Beyond a Social Movements Approach', Millennium: Journal of International Studies, 23, 3, Winter, pp 647-68

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'Theses on a Post-Military Europe: Conscription, Citizenship and Militarism after the Cold War', in Chris Rootes and Howard Davis, eds, A New Europe: Social Change and Political Transformation, London: UCL Press, pp 55-71

'Towards a Global Policy for Labour', Renewal: A Journal of Labour Politics, 2, 1, pp 30-9

The Global State and the Politics of Intervention, London: Centre for the Study of Global Governance, LSE, 15 pp

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'The Denial of Death', Peace Review, 5:1, pp 35-41 (with Roy Carr-Hill)

War and Peace Politics, London: Signs of the Times Discussion Paper, 4 pp

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'"There is no such thing as society": beyond individualism and statism in international security studies', Review of International Studies, 19, 2, April, pp 159-76

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'Global society and global responsibility: the theoretical, analytical and practical limits of international society', Millennium: Journal of International Studies, 21, 3, Winter, pp 421-34 (republished in Rick Fawns and Jeremy Larkins, eds, International Society After the Cold War: Anarchy and Order Reconsidered, Macmillan, 1996).

War is Over? The Left and the New World Order, London: Democratic Left Discussion Paper, 7 pp

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Post-Military Society: Demilitarization, militarism and war at the end of the twentieth century, Cambridge: Polity Available by mail order.
State and Society in International Relations (edited with Michael Banks), Hemel Hempstead: Harvester-Wheatsheaf

'Mass Media and Attitudes to the Gulf War in Britain' in Michael Morgan, ed, 'The Media and the Gulf War', special issue of The Electronic Journal of Communication /La Revue Electronique de Communication, Montreal (with Roy Carr-Hill), http://www.cios.org/www/ejc/v2n191.htm

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'Total War and the Theory of the State', in Shaw, M. & Banks, M. (eds) State and Society in International Relations, Harvester-Wheatsheaf, Hemel Hempstead, pp.

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'From Total War to Democratic Peace: exterminism and historical pacifism', in H Kaye and K McClelland, eds, E P Thompson: Critical Debates, Cambridge: Polity, pp 233-51

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'War and the Nation-State', in D Held and J Thompson, eds, Social Theory of Modern Societies: Anthony Giddens and his Critics, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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'Great Britain', in Philip G Altbach, ed, Student Political Activism: An International Reference Handbook, Westport: Conn., Greenwood, pp 237-48

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Dialectics of War: An Essay on the Social Theory of War and Peace, London: Pluto.

'The Real Sociology of War: A reply to Roger Scruton', British Journal of Sociology, XXXIX, 4, December, pp 615-8

'The End of Regimentation: Socialism's Second Chance', Detente: A quarterly journal devoted to understanding the Soviet Union, 13, pp 14-16.

'In Defence of "Historical Pacifism"', European Nuclear Disarmament Journal, October-January, pp 34-5

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Sociology of War and Peace (edited with Colin Creighton), London: Macmillan

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The Student Movements of the 1960s: A view from the 1980s, Hull: Hull University Occasional Papers in Sociology and Social Anthropology, No 2, 36 pp

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Marxist Sociology Revisited (edited), London: Macmillan, 1985

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Review article of Jacoby, Dialectic of Defeat and Gouldner, The Two Marxisms, Theory, Culture and Society, 1, 2, Autumn, pp 120-3


Socialism and Militarism, Nottingham: Spokesman, 34 pp


'The Social Roots of Statistical Knowledge', in J Irvine, I Miles and J Evans, eds, Demystifying Social Statistics, London: Pluto, pp 27-38 (with Ian Miles)

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'The Making of a Party? The International Socialists 1965-76', The Socialist Register 1978, London: Merlin, pp 100-45


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'The Coming Crisis of Radical Sociology', New Left Review 70, November -December; reprinted in R Blackburn, ed, Ideology in Social Science, London: Fontana, 1972, pp 33-44

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'Class, movement and party: A reply to Penrose', Slant, 12, December 1966-January 1967, pp 10-11

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