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Head of the Foundations of Software Systems (FoSS) research group
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My research interests lie in the following areas:

I am happy to supervise any talented PhD student at the University of Sussex (Brighton is also an excellent place to live). We sometimes offer scholarships to exceptional students. Appropriate candidates are invited to contact me but need to officially apply here.

PC chair and organiser of the British Logic Colloquium 2017

Public research profiles: Sussex Repository, DBLP

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  • Research Students


    • at Sussex (PI)
    • at LMU (member)
      • SENSORIA (EU IST project, Software Engineering for Service-Oented Overlay Computers), Associated member 2008.
      • HCM project MeDiCiS (Methodologies for the Development of Computer System Specifications)
      • DAAD-project Vigoni, with the University of Genoa (Italy) about Synthetic Domain Theory
      • DAAD-project Vigoni, with the University of Rome (Italy) about Denotational Semantics of Object-Oriented Languages
    • Events organised
      • Annual Meeting of the British Logic Colloquium 2017.
      • Domains IX Int. Conference, 22-24 September 2008, Sussex University
      • Spring School Categorical Methods in Logic and Comp.Sci., Munich '99
      • Types Working Group Meeting 1998, Kloster Irsee
      • Workshop Domains III-97, LMU Munich
      • Type-Club with Thorsten Altenkirch in Munich




    Location: CHICHESTER 2 2R307
    Email: bernhard@sussex.ac.uk
    University Profile: http://www.sussex.ac.uk/profiles/115097
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