Research Project
Prior to commencing the work, Dr. Mike Hardiman had organised a day for A-Level students to  visit the University and build a cloud chamber, which I attended. The students built a chamber using a plastic reptile tank, some felt and glue and was run using isopropyl alcohol and dry ice.  A short talk about the physics behind the process was also given.

On this day I teamed up with a couple of the students and assisted with their build. The chamber we built operated very well however there were some that barely worked at all. This highlighted the need to improve the current 'how-to'. Below are some pictures taken on the day:

I also did some research into the cloud chamber and found some interesting articles alongside some in-depth study of the processes taking place and the mathematics involved (some of  which can be found here). I also came across a Summer project report on building a perpetual cloud chamber by students of the University of Texas.
Getting Started
The Experiments
Getting Started
The Experiments
Alcohol/Chamber Size
Temperature Gradient
Display Chamber - Reservoir
Display Chamber - Lighting
The Build
The Test
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Making the felt seal for the chamber
Chamber and metal plate
Securing the felt in the chamber
The finished chamber