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If I have to answer a question several times, it makes sense for me to post general answers here. So I shall be accumulating FAQs here, and hope that consulting them may cut down unnecessary emails.
Note: From December 2010 I leave the employment of the University of Sussex, so some aspects of these FAQs may alter in this context.

Applying for EASy MSc - How do I apply?
DPhil Applications  - Can I apply to do doctoral research with you? No! -- but the advice may still have some use.
EASy MSc Funding - Is there any available?
DPhil funding - How does it work?
Email Response - Why don't you answer my emails?
Hot Research Topics - What are you interested in?
Internships and Postdocs - Can I be an Intern in your lab?
Postdocs - Can I do a postdoc in your lab?
Providing References - Will you write a reference for me?
SAGA - What is it, is there a software package?

There are further FAQs, restricted to local access only from University of Sussex computers, here.

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