Andrew Duff is a sound artist who experiments with reactive and interactive audio/visual media, experimental analogue and digital audio, and various forms of old and new media artefacts.


Since 2006 he has worked at the University of Sussex as a Digital Media Teaching Fellow, where he organises the Brighton Modular Meet with the support of the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts and the Department of Media, Film and Music.

Talks & video

[compressed pdfs of talks]

2018 - Andrew Duff:
I don’t think anyone has been electrocuted yet: Sharing info online to modify an old games console for vector oscillographics @ Seeing Sound, Bath Spa, Bath
2017 - Andrew Duff/Vectrex: Artists talk @ CVFreqs, House of Vans, London

2016 - Andrew Duff / Vectrex & euro[C]rack @ Open Sound Collective, Brighton

2015 - Understanding Social Capital & the Development of a Creative Community @ MFM, University of Sussex, Brighton

2015 - (With Cecile Chevalier) @ Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts, Dublin

2015 - Live Coding Modular Synths @ Live Coding & The Body, University of Sussex, Brighton

2014 - Andrew Duff: Artists talk @ Digital Arts & New Media UC Santa Cruz, California

2014 - Synths & Social Capital @ Sines & Squares, Manchester

2014 - Reflections on the use of free mapping and data viz tools in teaching digital practice @ Big Data Workshop, University of Sussex



2017 – Vectrex Unitiled Study Patch 7 for Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe: Subject to Gesture, Sonic Arcade, Museum of Arts and Design, New York USA.

2017 – Live modified Vectrex & Eurorack Modular @ Y.U.M.A. Brighton Komedia UK.

2016 – Vectrex and Eurorack study #X ‘Performance v4 @ DesInC Live, ACCA, Brighton UK.

2016 – Vectrex and Eurorack study #X ‘Performance v3 @ Sines & Squares, Manchester UK.

2016 – Vectrex and Eurorack study #X ‘Performance v2 @ DesInC Lauch, SHL, Brighton UK.

2016 – Vectrex and Eurorack study #X ‘Performance v1 @ Seeing Sound, Bath Spa, Bath UK.





















Vectrex minijack input mod guide:
download here -> pdf.


About the Vectrex vector based games console: