Computational Neuroscience and Neuromorphic Computing Team (CoNNeCT): Current group members

Prof Thomas Nowotny
Group Leader

Current Research Fellows

Dr. James "Jamie" Knight
Brains on Board
Dr. James "Jim" Bennett
Brains on Board
Dr. Alex Dewar
Brains on Board
Dr. Mario Pannunzi
Odor Objects

Current DPhil/PhD Students

Fabian Steinbeck
Computational models of bee brain circuits.
James Turner
GPU computing and error estimation in numerical simulations.
Felix Kern
Online Computational Electrophysiology.
Dan Price
Cellular basis of learning in an invertebrate model system.
Ho Ka Chan
Asynchronous odour mixture perception (Odor Objects project, HFSP).

Current MSc Students

Former members

Former Research Fellows

Dr. Esin Yavuz
Green Brain Project: Developing models of the bee olfactory system on massively parallel GPU hardware. GeNN simulator development.
Dr. Alan Diamond
Human Brain Project: Neuromorphic systems for large scale classification problems.
Dr. Michael Schmuker
Marie Curie Fellow: Neuromorphic Computing.
Dr. Christopher L. Buckley
Criticality in sensory systems, the moth pheromone subsystem
Dr. Andrei Zavada
Component concentration ratio detection in the moth pheromone subsystem

Completed Dphil/PhD

Gang ("Rick") Wu
GPU computing for the acceleration of FLIM (Fluorescent Lifetime Imaging Microscopy).
Dr. Michael Crossley (with George Kemenes and Kevin Staras)
Learning and memory in the pond snail lymnaea stagnalis
Dr. David Samu (with Anil Seth and George Kemenes)
Hybrid systems and large scale neural networks
Dr. Lucas Wilkins (with Daniel Osorio)
Aspects of color vision in evolution

Completed MSc Projects

2013 Divya Sivaram
Interface from the BRIAN simulator to the GeNN simulator.
Md Korban UI Akter
Feature selection for classifying spiked human breath samples with Enoses.
2012 Nicholas C. Hockings
Model of the human hand on GPUs.
Plutarco Naranjo
AI driven trading strategies for FOREX
Dylan Lentini
On the equivalence of biological and SVM learning in two class classification
2011 Swarup Karavadi
Multi-species Genetic Algorithm based Elastic Load Balancer for optimal Elastic Scale on the Cloud applied to an over the cloud turn based gaming engine
David Vardanjan
Using STDP clustering in a biomimetic neural network for handwritten digit classification on a Nvidia GPU
2010 Damien Drix
GPU implementation of neuronal networks
2009 David Samu
A high fidelity brain-machine interface in a hybrid system: Implementation, test and comparison of a real-time electrode-response compensation technique on a Dynamic Clamp system
2008 Neil Mather
3D Visualisation Software for Neural Networks: NeuroML interface for NeurAnim

Completed Final Year Projects

2012 Philip Woods
Stock market strategies for small investors based on AI
2011 Steven Muggeridge
Neural Network Simulation Tool Using NVIDA CUDA
2010 Farrell Hayman
Java Audio Application
2009 Ioannis Limistiras
Web-based dynamic multimedia project
2008 Patrick Quish
Artificial Intelligence for PacMan