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1 Quantum computers & quantum learning

Learning in Non-superpositional Quantum Neurocomputers

Ronald L. Chrisley
School Of Cognitive & Computing Sciences
University of Sussex, United Kingdom


A distinction is made between superpositional and non-superpositional quantum computers. The notion of quantum learning systems - quantum computers that modify themselves in order to improve their performance - is introduced. A particular non-superpositional quantum learning system, a quantum neurocomputer, is described: a conventional neural network implemented in a system which is a variation on the familiar two-slit apparatus from quantum physics. This is followed by a discussion of the advantages that quantum computers in general, and quantum neurocomputers in particular, might bring, not only to our search for more powerful computational systems, but also to our search for greater understanding of the brain, the mind, and quantum physics itself.

Ron Chrisley
Wed Nov 20 01:10:59 GMT 1996