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Recording sociometric data

Download my Excel spreadsheet for recording sociometric nominations here.  This is a read-only file allowing you to record up to three Most-Like (ML) and up to three Least-Like (LL) nominations for a group of 36 pupils.  You will need to save each dataset as a separate Excel file. 


Formatting sociometric data

Download my Socio File Creator tools for creating files, which will be needed for viewing sociograms.

ML nominations only, for Mac OS X (zip file)

ML and LL nominations, for Mac OS X (zip file)

ML nominations only, for Windows

ML and LL nominations, for Windows


Note that sociometric data can be pasted in from another application or typed in directly.  Please observe the following requirements:
    • one row of data for each pupil on the class/group list
    • the first number in each row is the code number of the pupil making the nominations
    • the second, third, and fourth numbers in each row are the three ML nominations
    • (if desired) the fifth, sixth, and seventh numbers in each row are the three LL nominations
    • use spaces to separate the numbers in each row
    • use a dot    .    to show any missing nominations

What is a sociogram? 

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Interpreting a sociogram

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