Current Team Members

  1. Amani Ibraheem (PhD, SDN for vehicular networks, 2019-now)

  2. Ferheen Ayaz (PhD, blockchain based vehicular networks, 2018-now)

  3. Victor Ocheri (PhD, co-supervised with Dr. Falah Ali, 2016-now)

Former Team Members

  1. Andreas Pressas (Xaar, industry)

  2. Jianshan Zhou (Beihang University)

  3. Chinmaya Mahapatra (Compressed sensing in Internet-of-Things)

  4. Naercio Magaia (University of Lisbon)

  5. Jian Su (RFID in Internet-of-Things, Faculty in Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology.)

  6. Ruifeng Chen (Vehicular ad hoc networks and communications/1 trans and 1 conf/ Beijing Jiaotong University, 2014)

  7. Mumin Ozpolat (vehicular PLC communications/1 trans/MSc from Sussex, 2016), now @ Microsoft

  8. Xuan Shan (machine-to-machine and WebRTC/2 conf/postgraduate from BUPT, 2012-2014), now @ Microsoft

  9. Amir Kenarsari-Anhari (Vehicular powerline communications/1 trans/postgraduate from UBC, 2014), now @ Fortinet

  10. Xuesong Chen (machine-to-machine communications/1 trans/postgraduate from BUPT and co-supervised with Prof. C. Yin, 2013), now @ Beijing General Research Institute of Mining & Metallurgy

  11. Jun Fan (wireless cooperative communication/1 conf and 1 trans/postgraduate from BIT and co-supervised with Prof. C. Liu, 2012-2013), now @ Baidu.