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The Forum for Augmented Reality  Immersive Instruments (ARImI) is a research community that brings together University of Sussex cross-school faculty, research centres and labs, art organisations and creative industry expertise on Augmented Reality, technologisation and cultural transformation for new interdisciplinary research partnerships.


Augmented Reality technology - from Microsoft Hololens, Pokemon.Go to and - is newly emerging in areas such as education, entertainment and cultural memory. This new technology alters ways in which public communication and embodied expression are made possible as systems of control and feedback, as reality and virtuality merge seamlessly.


The forum invites explorations of new forms of creation, experience and digital culture through tool and instrument-making whilst bringing together transdisciplinary discussions on condition of perceiving in the following but not limited to areas:


. Audience participation/performativity and aesthetics in VR/AR environments;

. Instrument making, industry tools and ways of ‘seeing’, ‘consuming’, ‘producing’, ‘distributing data’;

. AR technology and new languages, new grammars (based in access, performativity of the instrument) base in art, technology and embodiment;

. AR technology and artistic and architectural paradigms;

. Ethics and politics around AR (gaming, everyday life, access ), what it enables + revokes, promotes;

. AR and multi-sensory integration;

. AR interdisciplinary genealogies;

. AR & wellbeing;

. Theory and design that can draw from instrument-making, system-building, social architectural design.


These areas are broad enough to invite cross-disciplinary discussions towards interdisciplinary collaborations and practices.


The Forum for ARImI is led by Cécile Chevalier & Chris Kiefer.

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