John A. Carroll

John Carroll

John A. Carroll

Professor (Retired)
Department of Informatics
University of Sussex


I retired from the University of Sussex in 2021.


For most of my career I carried out research into intelligent computer processing of human language (natural language processing, or NLP). My most recent research focussed on clinical text mining, acquiring lexical information from text, sentiment analysis, and applying natural language processing technology to real-world tasks.

I was principal or co-investigator on several research projects, and organised a number of international workshops. Most of my publications are available online, as open access.

Some of my research involved creating software systems and datasets; I authored or made major contributions to: RASP parsing system, morphological and orthographic tools for English, LKB grammar and lexicon development system, English parser evaluation corpus, parser efficiency comparison data, and Alvey Natural Language Tools

Technology transfer

I co-founded and am a director of iLexIR, which has commercialised some of my NLP research and deployed it in text mining, document classification and search applications.


I taught at Bachelors and Masters levels on topics including NLP, programming, fundamentals of computer systems, software engineering, and artificial intelligence research methods. I have also taught courses at international summer schools. I supervised several doctoral students at Sussex, served as thesis committee member for others at universities in Europe and the USA, and examined many PhD candidates worldwide.

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