John A. Carroll

John Carroll

John A. Carroll

Professor of Computational Linguistics
Department of Informatics
University of Sussex
Falmer, Brighton BN1 9QJ

Phone: +44 1273 876672
Fax: +44 1273 877873


I work in the area of intelligent computer processing of human language (natural language processing, or NLP). My current research is concerned with: clinical text mining, analysing non-standard forms of language, acquiring lexical information from text, sentiment analysis, and applying natural language processing technology to real-world tasks.

I have been an investigator in several research projects, and have co-organised a number of international workshops. Most of my publications are available online, as open access.

Resources I have contributed to

RASP parsing system, morphological and orthographic tools for English, LKB grammar and lexicon development environment, English parser evaluation corpus, parser efficiency comparison data, Alvey Natural Language Tools

Technology transfer

I am co-founder and director of iLexIR, which has commercialised some of my NLP research and deployed it in text mining, document classification and search applications.


For an in-person meeting, please come to one of my student feedback and drop-in sessions

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