Chi Thanh Vi

Welcome to my homepage! My name is Chi Thanh Vi. I am a Research Fellow in the School of Psychology, University of Sussex, since 07/2018. Previously, I was a Research Fellow in Multisensory Experiences at the Sussex Human Computer Interaction (SCHI /sky/) Lab, University of Sussex.

I received my PhD in Computer Science in 2014 and my MSc in Advance Computing: Internet Technologies with Security in 2008, both from University of Bristol, while I was working with Prof. Sriram Subramanian. I received my BSc in Electronics and Telecommunications at Hanoi University of Science and Technology in 2006.

More information about me on Google Scholar, Scopus, and ORCID.

Research Interest

My research interest falls into the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) multidisciplinary domain, where there is a cross feeding between Computer Science, Multisensory Experience, Neuroscience, and Psychology. I am interested in using different brain sensing methods (for example EEG and fMRI) to understand the neural basis of different user states and investigate how it can benefit to HCI users.

Latest Updates

2018 July
Join School of Psychology, University of Sussex, UK as a Research Fellow.
2018 May 29th - June 1st
Attend The Future of Computing & Food, Resort Riva del Sole, Castiglione della Pescaia, Grosseto, Italy.
2018 May 14th - 15th
At UCL for the Pattern Recognition for Neuroimaging Toolbox (PRoNTo) course.
2018 May 3rd - 5th
Attend IMSPIRE Meeting and Symposium, Versailles, France.
2018 April 17th
Attend and give an invited talk at the Future Tourism Conference 2018
2018 January 31st - February 1st
Visit Kitchen Theory, Barnet, London.
2017 December
Our paper of the Tate Sensorium Exhibition has been accepted to the International Journal of Human Computer Studies.
2017 November
Attend and present our work at the MHFI’17 from 13-Nov to 17-Nov, Glasgow, UK.
2017 October
Attend and present our work at the UIST 2017 from 22-Oct to 27-Oct, Quebec City, Canada.
2017 October
Our work of TastyFloats won the "Best Demo Audience Award" at ACM ISS 2017
2017 October
Attend and present our work at the ACM ISS 2017 from 17-Oct to 20-Oct, Brighton, UK.
2017 September
Our paper of "Gustatory Interface: The Challenges of ‘How’ to Stimulate the Sense of Taste" has been accepted to the Proceedings of the 2nd ACM SIGCHI International Workshop on Multisensory Approaches to Human-Food Interaction (MHFI’17).
2017 August
Our paper of "TastyFloats: A Contactless Food Delivery System" has been accepted to the 2017 ACM International Conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces (ACM ISS 2017).
2017 June
Our paper of "What Did I Sniff? Mapping Scents Onto Driving-Related Messages" has been conditionally accepted to AutomotiveUI 2017.
2017 June
Our paper of "Neuroanatomical Correlates of Perceived Usability" has been conditionally accepted to UIST 2017.
2017 May
I will attend CHI, Denver, USA from 7th to 12th. Our paper on "Agency in mid-air Interfaces" will be presented on Tuesday, 14:50-15:10, Room 111/113.