Phase transitions and multifractal properties of random field Ising models

Comments: 128 pages, 152 references, 35 figs, LaTeX2e, AMSTeX


In this work random field Ising models with quenched dichotomous symmetric random field are considered for the one-dimensional case and on the Bethe lattice. To this end the canonical partition function is reformulated to the partition function of one spin in an effective field. In the first part of the work the multifractal spectrum of this effective field is investigated, transitions in the spectrum are explained and inequalities between local and global generalized fractal dimensions are proven which allow to characterize the multifractal spectrum bei various bounds. A further part of the work is dedicated to the characterization of the measure of the local magnetization which is obtained by convolution of the measure of the effective field with itself. In this context the convolution of multifractals is investigated in a more general setup and relations between the multifractal properties of the convolution and the multifractal properties of the convoluted measures are proven. The phase transition from ferro- to paramagnetismus for the model on the Bethe lattice is investigated in the third part of the thesis. Apart from improved exact bounds for the uniqueness of the paramagnetic state essentially three criteria for the transition are developped and numerically evaluated to determine the transition line. The multifractal properties of the effective field for the model on the Bethe lattice finally turn out to be trivial because the interesting dimensions do not exist.