Representational Systems Lab - Doctoral Study

Director: Peter C-H. Cheng     Professor of Cognitive Science

Creative Technology Research Group, Department of Informatics, University of Sussex

Prospective PhD students - Thinking of a research degree?

The Representational Systems Lab welcomes applications for PhD degrees in any of the Lab's areas of research in fundamental and applied cognitive science:
The lab has expertise in these research techniques:

For more details see the RepSys lab publications or contact Peter Cheng to discuss potential project ideas. 

Past and Current PhD Student Topics

Title or Topic
Felix Yanze Liu
Cognitive modelling of interactive diagrammatic reasoning
Munirah Aliwhibi
Cognimetric user authentication on touch screen devices
Noorah Ablehaijan
Measuring programming competence using micro behavioral analysis of chunks
Izzah Hamzah
Invention in technical domains - cognitive approach to instruction
Rossano Barone A cognitive model of the roles of diagrammatic representation in supporting unpractised reasoning about probability. 2016
Noora Fetais Evaluation of the usability of constraint diagrams as a visual modelling language: theoretical and empirical investigations. 2013
Maria Zulkifli Applying pause analysis to explore cognitive processes in the copying of sentences by second language users 2013
Robin Kent Expertise in map comprehension: processing of geographic features according to spatial configuration and abstract roles. 2013
Unaizah Obaidellah The role of chunking and schemas in learning and drawing. 2012
Ronald Grau The acquisition and representation of knowledge about complex multi-dynamic processes. 2011
Paul Marshall Physicality and Learning: Searching for the effects of Tangibility in scientific domains. 2008
David Ranson Interactive visuaisation to improve exam timetabling systems. 2008

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