Reading Group

Mojtaba, Amir, Hsi-Ming, Ian Mackie, Martin, and guests meet up regularly (for now, online over Zoom) to read and discuss papers of interest for our research. We mostly read papers in the general area of programming languages, compilers, typing systems, logic and verification. We look at classic papers as well as recent work. From time to time we also read papers of general interest from other parts of science. The next papers we read are:

Please take a look at the paper beforehand, even if you are not the speaker. Here are some guiding questions that might help you structure your thoughs and reading: What is the key idea in the paper, what is the key novelty? Can you summarise the paper in a few sentences? What do you understand, what is unclear? Where do you get stuck? How does the paper relate to your research? What were the 3 most important things you have learned from this paper? Can you think of any improvements on the paper?

Past. It's fine to re-read papers, for example to take a deeper look at details the second time.