Chris Darwin

Emeritus Professor of Experimental Psychology
School of Psychology
University of Sussex
Falmer, Brighton BN1 9QH, UK
Email: cjd<at>sussex<dot>ac<dot>uk  

Chamber Music




Chamber Music

I am Chairman and Concert Secretary for the Nicholas Yonge Society in Lewes, which puts on 5 chamber music concerts a year with internationally renowned groups.

Strings Attached Strings Attached provide useful information about chamber music concerts and amateur players in Brighton and the surrounding area.  I maintain its calendar of events and directory of local players. 

Programme Notes
Since retiring I have written chamber music programme notes for The Dome / Strings Attached Coffee Concert Chamber Music Series, the Nicholas Yonge Society,  St. John's Smith Square, the Eaton Square Concerts,  the Royal College of Music and Budleigh Music Festival.

*** The pdfs for all my programme notes are indexed here.  Feel free to use them non-commercially.

I will usually drop everything (including hints) to play chamber music.  I have given local concerts with the Palmeira Quartet, Sussex Camerata, Petchov piano quartet and Sussex string quartet. 

I played violin in the Palmeira Quartet along with Anna Ruijterman, Paul Manderson and Howard Gough.  Here are a couple of items from a concert for Music on Sundays in Chichester (18 Nov 2012).  Beethoven Op 18 no 4 second movement.   Puccini Crisantemi.  We played the Mendelssohn Octet with the Chilingirian Quartet at the Bishopsgate Institute in April 2013 in a memorial concert for Michael Hall, the founder of the Northern Symphonia. We gave a concert at the Bognor Regis Music Club on 1 Feb 2014.  Following Paul Manderson's death in December 2015, the quartet disbanded

Sonata for Violin & Piano by Christopher Longuet-Higgins This sonata was initially written by Christopher Longuet-Higgins while he was a young man at Oxford, but was revised and converted to computer readable format (Encore 3) after he retired. I corrected some errors in the Encore score and added some phrase marks, metronome marks and dynamics with the composer's assistance. After his death I converted the score to MuseScore format and produced pdfs from this version.

Please download pdfs of the piano and violin parts and play it.  It is also available at

Dvorak Cello Conversion kit addendum Op 23 Bärenreiter edition
Dvorak uses the false treble clef for high cello notes.  Cellists prefer the Tenor clef.  A conversion kit by Don Cohen is available for the International editions of Dvorak chamber music from ACMP.

I have prepared a kit of overlays for the Bärenreiter edition of the Piano Quartet Op 23 which can be downloaded as a single pdf file.  Also available as separate pdf files or MuseScore files for each extract with the movement and bar numbers given in the file title.

Family Composer My great-uncle Walter G Hick (1872-1901) wrote a "Morceau" for piano entitled "Cherry Blossoms" which was published by Banks & Son of York: a modest piece of victorian parlour music. I have transcribed it with MuseScore and here it is as a pdf.



The Accidental Vegan by Kate DarwinVegan recipes from my wife; the result of discovering that we had a Vegan lodger.  Download booklet (pdf).

Bread Recipes
: Danish Rye Bread, and  Sourdough Mixed grain bread

Marmalade:  Katie Stewart's Coarse Cut Marmalade recipe from her The Times Cookery Book of 1972 is the best.  Here it is (edited).  I have made an Excel spreadsheet to help you calculate quantities.


I have now retired. My active research interests were in auditory perception and in speech perception - more specifically in auditory grouping and the "cocktail-party" effect.

Some demonstration sentences for Sine-Wave Speech are here.

Pub Med direct access to my publications
Selected Publications (including difficult to obtain material as pdfs).

Speech / Hearing Research Tools:
Praat Paul Boersma's excellent, free, multi-platform, user-friendly, stable, well-maintained, scriptable program for doing a multitude of tasks in speech and hearing research is here. Tell your friends about it. Some Praat scripts that I have written for doing changes to speech vocal tract size, Fo and duration and for producing sine-wave speech and Shannon AM-noise speech are here.  They were written for an older version of Praat and so may need minor modifications to run under the current version.

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