//Cécile Chevalier (FR, UK-based) works with computational art installation and instrument making to explore forms of digital cultural transformation in relation to embodiment-technologies, and performativity and performance. Her background is in Fine Art, Crafts & Design and Media Studies, while her current artworks and investigations draw from an interdisciplinary practices between systems art and participatory/play theory. Critically, Cécile investigates the human body (movement) and technological forms of augmentation to ask how collective and cultural expressions have been and are being transformed through computational technology altering not only the ways in which they are embodied and performed, but also they are thought about.


//Keywords: art, augmented Reality, automation, collaboration, collective instrument, conceptual art, cultural memory, embodiment and technologies, expression, experimental art, human-computer interactions, interactive installation, interdisciplinary research, materiality, motion control, multi-sensory experiences, musical instrument, networked memory, participation, participation and engagement, perception, performativity and performance, play, post-digital, sound art, systems aesthetics, the body...






//Fellow Tutor, HEA, 2017 University of Sussex

//PhD in Creative & Critical Practice, Remembering to remember: a practice-based study in digital re-appropriation and bodily perception, 2016; AHRC & University of Sussex co-funded. Media & Film dept, University of Sussex (http://sro.sussex.ac.uk/65574/)

//Associate Fellow Tutor, HEA, 2010  University of Sussex

//Fine Art Master Degree with Distinction, 2007, University of Brighton

//City & Guilds Teacher Training 7407, 2006, Level 1 & 2. B&H City College

//Crafts & 3D Design BA(Hons), 2005, University of Brighton







//Doctoral School Research-Led Initiative (RLI) fund, Forum for Augmented Reality Immersive Instruments (ARImI) network event, £1000, Jan-July 2017

//AHRC Cultural Engagement Fund, in collaboration with Fabrica, art gallery  and charity, Brighton, Nov 2015 - July 2016

//AHRC Student-Led grant NW/THN: Documenting, Publishing, Disseminating Objects & Experiences symposium - £3000 – Jan 2013-Aug 2013 (PI: supervisor, Kirk Woolford, student: myself) fund raised with and for the Creative and Critical Research Practice Group, University of Sussex.

//Doctoral School and Doctoral School Research-Led Initiative (RLI); Mediamorphosis Symposium & Exhibition - £500 from RLI and £1500 from the Doctoral School (total of £2000) (PI) – Jan 2013 – July 2013 fund raised with and for the Creative and critical Research Practice Group, University of Sussex.

//PhD co-funded by AHRC and University of Sussex, 2 year full-time funding – Sept 2011- Aug 2013.

//Centre Excellence in Teaching and Learning through Design, University of Brighton, Mobile Streaming and Moving Image: Technical Support,equipment, space, mobile online access: £1350 (PI) Feb– Apr 2008






//Experimental Music Technologies Lab (Emute Lab)

The lab is a platform for a media-archaeological approach in music technology that explores the multifaceted development of acoustic instruments with analogue equipment and digital devices. Novel means for musical expression such as live coding, new interfaces, and post-digital approaches are actively researched and developed.

Role: Member (2014-current)

//Sussex Humanities Lab (SHL)

The Sussex Humanities Lab is dedicated to developing and expanding research into how digital technologies are shaping our culture and society, as well as the way we go about our research. The lab draws on expertise from diverse fields including philosophy and information technology, history and archaeology, media and communications, music and performance technology, and sociology, to ask questions which have always been at the heart of the humanities.

Role: Lab Associate (2015-current)

//Creative and Critical Research Practice Group

CCPRG considers how creative practice explores, engages and supports critical dialogues between media practice and theory, through is various processes, methods and transference. The group aims to become cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional by opening its doors to practitioners from various departments at Sussex and to other institutions such as the University of Brighton & the Royal College of Art, to forge a practice community, here, online and at the University of Sussex.

Role: Founder & Member – 2010-2014

//Centre for Material Digital Culture and Digital Humanities

An inter-disciplinary research centre exploring multiple aspects of digital transformation. A central focus is on critical theorisation and empirical exploration of relationships between computational technologies and the societies and cultures into which they are emerging – and which they are co-evolving.

Role: Member 2009-2015

//Communities and Culture Network+

The Digital Economy ‘Communities and Culture’ Network+ engages with digital transformations, bringing them together with a wider public through direct engagements, innovative methods and digital resources.

Role: Core Member 2012-2015


Open access academic digital platform for web/internet practice, publication and curation of internationally produced research and scholarship.

Role: Member of the Managing Editorial Board – 2013-2016






//Chevalier, Cécile and Kiefer, Chris (2018-2021 tbc) What Does Augmented Reality mean as a Medium of Expression for Computational Artists? Leonardo. ISSN 0024-094X (Journal article Accepted - 2018)

//Chevalier, Cécile and Kiefer, Chris and (2018) Listening Mirrors, International Conference on Live Interface (ICLI), Porto, Portugal (Conference proceedings)

//Chevalier, Cécile and Kiefer, Chris (2018) Towards new modes of collective musical expression through audio augmented reality. New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Virginia Tech, Virginia, USA, June 3 - 6, 2018. Published in: Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression ( Conference proceedings)

//Chevalier, Cécile (2016), Thesis/Portfolio Remembering to remember: a practice-based study in digital re-appropriation and bodily perception

//Chevalier, Cécile (2012) Rendezvous: a collaboration between art, research and communities. In: Biggs, Simon (ed.) Remediating the social. Electronic Literature as a Model for Creativity and Innovation in Practice, University of Bergen, Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies PO Box 7805, 5020 Bergen, Norway, pp. 116-121. ISBN 9788299908900 (Conference proceedings)

//Woolford, Kirk, Blackwell, Alan F, Norman, Sally-Jane and Chevalier, Cécile (2010) Crafting a critical technical practice. Leonardo, 43 (2). pp. 202-203. ISSN 0024-094X (Journal article)

//Experimental shorts in the 'extra' of CD-ROM Traces of Lee Miller Echoes from St-Malo, Aug 2007 (CD-Rom extra)






//Listening Mirrors #01 @Fort Process sound art Festival, Newhaven, UK Sept 18 // 002 @New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME17), Copenhagen, June 2017 //// V02 @Designing Interfaces for Creativity (DesInc) symposium & concert, Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, Brighton, Nov 2016 //// V02 @Sussex Humanities Lab, University of Sussex, March 2016 //// L'Album @Found in Translation, University of Sussex, 2014//// V01 @Media, Film and Music Doctoral Day, University of Sussex, 2014//// Untitled #21 @Final Light: Luminous Experiments for Glowing Creatures, collective exhibition, Phoenix, Brighton, Dec 12 //// Beam Event, Dome, Brighton, Nov 12 //// Heritage Day Event, Fabrica, Brighton, Sept 12 // Relativity Event, Fabrica, Brighton, Dec 11 //// Media Centre, Brighton Mothers Uncovered, May 10 //// Expo Brighton July 09 //Darklight Touring Programme 2008//Darklight Festival Dublin Jun 08 //// Final Cut Euroshorts Brighton, May 08 //// Another Road Side Attraction London, Feb 08 //// PictureThis C4 TV, e2, photograph screened, Jan 08 //// Red Dress Production one night event, Croydon, July 07 //// MA Graduation Gallery of University of Brighton, June 07 //// Fresh Festival Reading, April 07 //// Photo Fringe Hove, October 07 //// Big Day Out Festival Berkshire, July 06 // MA Interim – group exhibition – Brighton, UK, June 06 //// Eleven – event, London, Bristol, UK, June/September 05 //// Phoenix Apart – 35a, Brighton, UK, May 05 //// Topshop solo exhibition, Oxford Street, London, UK, Sept 05 //// New Designer group exhibition, Angel, London, UK, Jul 05






International Conference on Live Interface, Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, Brighton, June-July 2016, Installation Chair //// Art I Memory I Place, Ireland Museum of Modern Art (IMMA), Dublin, Nov 2015, paper //// Digital Research in the Humanities & Arts DHRA, Dublin, Sept 2015, paper // Live Coding and the Body Symposium, 2014, University of Sussex, UK, paper ////  Things to Remember: Materializing Memories in Art and Culture, 2014, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands, paper //// Found In Translation, 2014, University of Sussex, UK, Panel Chair //// Post-Digital: critical response, 2014, Centre for Material Digital Culture symposium. University of Sussex, Panel Chair //// NW/THN: Documenting, Publishing, Disseminating Objects & Experience (AHRC Funded), 2013, University of Sussex, UK, event manager //// Mediamorphosis Symposium & Exhibition (Funded by the RLI & the Doctoral School, University of Sussex), 2013, University of Sussex, UK, event manager //// Expertise? A scoping workshop exploring expertise in the context of digital transformation in relation to culture and communities, 2012, University of Sussex, UK, panel discussion //// Remediating the Social conference, 2012, Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, paper.