Ant Questions 1

1. What do ants appear to do if they have left the nest and have not found any food yet?
walk around randomly walk in circles follow a search pattern
pay no attention to factor X move randomly but follow factor X when they encounter it always turn left
2. What do ants appear to do when they have found a food item?
they eat the food they fight over the food they bring the food to the nest
they defend the food they tell other ants about the food they circle the food
3. What do ants do that have been at a food source?
they approach the nest and lay down factor X they approach the nest they avoid the nest
they return to a food item they avoid food items they avoid other ants
4. What do ants do when they encounter factor X?
they avoid it they ignore it they turn towards it
they eat it they turn towards it and reinforce it they turn towards it and remove it
5. Do you know what factor X is called? Is it a
Pherotone Ferromoan Modulator
Pheromone Hormone Merophone