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Complex Innovation Systems

An Innovation System is

Sylvan Katz (2006) - "a collection of individuals and organizations that directly and indirectly invest time and energy in the production of scientific and technical knowledge" Indicators for Complex Innovation Systems, Research Policy (2006) and Web Indicators for Complex Innovation Systems, Research Evaluation (August 2006)
Stan Metcalfe (1995) - "that set of distinct institutions which jointly and individually contribute to the development and diffusion of new technologies and which provides the framework within which governments form and implement policies to influence the innovation process. As such, it is a system of interconnected institutions to create, store, and transfer the knowledge, skills and artifacts which define new technologies", in Stoneman P. (ed), Handbook of the Economics of Innovation and Technological Change, Oxford, pp. 409-512.
B.A. Lundvall (1992) - "elements and relationships which interact in the production, diffusion and use of new, and economically useful, knowledge . . . a national system encompasses elements and relationships located within or rooted inside the borders of the nation state" in National systems of innovation: Towards a theory of innovation and interactive learning. London: Pinter.
Chris Freeman (1987)- "the network of institutions in the public and private sectors whose interactions initiate, import, modify and diffuse new technologies" in Technology and Economic Performance: Lessons from Japan, Pinter, London

Welcome to my virtual research space. I reside in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. This web sites is contains my CV and a library of my publications, presentations and working documents some with accompanying Excel workbooks that can be accessed through the table of contents on the lefthand side of this page. Please browse it at your leasure

I am a complex systems scientist with a keen interest in science and innovation systems. My research centers on the application of a complex systems theory (see Baranger (2001), Chaos, Complexity, and Entropy:A physics talk for non-physicists) to understanding complex science and innovation systems and the development of scale-independent S&T indicators for use in foresight activities and public policy. Also, my wife, Jennifer, and I have a small company, Ergonic Resources Ltd., that provides consulting services on science and innovation indicators, competitive intelligence and clinical research management. The company is also doing R&D on a turnkey wetland and aquatic plant propagation process for small markets.

If you have any questions or comments please email them to me at Sylvan Katz

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