Dr. Samuel J. Hile

I'm a quantum mechanic. I play with atoms

Photo of Me
I grew up on a little farm in Tamworth and attended Westdale Public School, then Oxley High School. Both were great! I moved to New College in Sydney to study a degree at UNSW in maths and physics. There I discovered the magic of quantum mechanics and joined in the quest to build a quantum computer. I started at the incredible CQC2T and began my research career with an inspiring mentor in Prof. Michelle Simmons. My PhD involved building quantum electronic circuits by arranging individual phosphorus atoms within a silicon chip. I next moved to Brighton in the UK, working with the Ion Quantum Technology team at the University of Sussex, figuring out the best ways to levitate large arrays of ytterbium atoms. Sometimes I willingly sing, act, and/or dance in front of people.


Here are some things I've worked on.

Controlling the spin interaction between two electrons bound to a set of three phosphorus atoms
Atomistic modelling to determine the hyperfine interaction energy between donor atom nuclei and their trapped electrons in a bespoke molecule
Designing the structure and operation of a future quantum computer built in crystalline silicon
A modular vacum chamber for trapping charged ytterbium ions above an array of microfabricated silicon wafers
Memories of a noisy but reliable old dilution fridge given a new lease of life
Then and now - comparing our prototype qubits to the prototype transistors of the 1940s
Analysing the interaction between light and sound waves in photonic chips
Pushing the envelope on how fast a single atom transistor can be operated
Noninvasive sensing of electron motion back and forth between two small clumps of phosphorus donor atoms

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Department of Physics & Astronomy,
University of Sussex,
Falmer BN1 9QH, UK
Phone: +44 1273 87 7740
Email: samhile@gmail.com