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10/88 - 01/96  New College, University of Oxford, Oxford, England.  DPhil in Philosophy.  Thesis submitted 1/96, viva voce examination 10/96 (no corrections requested). Thesis title: "Non-conceptual Content and Psychological Explanation: Cognition and Computation".  Examiners:  Tim Crane and BIll Brewer.  Related topics: spatial representation, connectionism, developmental psychology. Supervisor: Prof C. Peacocke.  Other supervisors:  Dr. J. Campbell, Dr. A. Cussins, Dr. K. Wilkes, Dr. D. Charles.
09/87 - 06/88 Helsinki University of Technology, Espoo, Finland.  Fulbright ScholarStudied under Prof. T. Kohonen and assisted him in research in neural networks and pattern recognition, with emphasis on speech recognition applications.
09/83 - 06/87 Stanford University, Stanford, California.  BS 87 (with honours, with distinction) in Symbolic Systems (an inter-departmental course involving philosophy, logic, linguistics, mathematics, computer science, artificial intelligence, and psychology).
06/82 - 08/82 Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.  Studied Philosophy and International Relations.


  • 90 - 91  Chair, Graduate Joint Consultative Committee on Philosophy Faculty Matters
  • 90         Admitted to the Connectionist Models Summer School at UC San Diego
  • 88 - 89  President of the New College Philosophy Society
  • 88 - 91  Oxford University Overseas Student Support Scheme Award
  • 99 - 91  Chancellors of UK Universities Overseas Research Student Award
  • 88 - 90  English-Speaking Union Winston Churchill Memorial Award
  • 87 - 88  Fulbright Fellowship in Cognitive Science
  • 87        Graduated with Honours and Distinction
  • 83-87    Stanford University Scholarship
  • 83-87    California State Educational Grant

    01/01 - Present DPhil Supervisor:  Sub-faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford
    10/92 - Present Lecturer in Philosophy: School of Cognitive & Computing Sciences, University of Sussex.
    09/96 - Present Occasional Visiting Lecturer & Researcher:  Department of Arts & Media/Department of Humanities, University of Skövde, Sweden
    06/96 - 09/96 Visiting Professor: Interactive Cognition Laboratory, Department of Cognitive Science, University of California San Diego.
    09/92 - Present Occasional Visiting Lecturer & Researcher: Conectionist Research Group, Department of Computer Science, University of Skövde, Sweden
    10/91 - 03/92 Philosophy Tutor, University of Oxford: Taught Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Science for New College; taught Philosophy of Psychology and History of Philosophy for St. Anne's College; taught Hume for Worcester College.
    07/89 - 08/89 Research Scientist:  Employed by the Hearing Department of the ATR Auditory and Visual Perception Research Labs, Kyoto, Japan, to investigate alternative objective functions for neural networks for speech recognition.
    06/88 - 10/90 Research Intern and Consultant:   Employed by Xerox PARC's System Sciences Laboratory to work with Dr. B.C. Smith on theoretical and philosophical problems in computation. During summers, worked as an intern; during other two breaks of the year, worked as a consultant.
    06/87 - 08/87 Research Scientist:  Employed by the Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science at the NASA Ames Research Center. Prepared a technical report on some current neural network approaches to optical character recognition.
    09/86 - 08/87 AI Research Scientist: Employed by Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science at the NASA Ames Research Center, Aircraft Guidance and Navigation Branch.  Explored the use of hypothetical and temporal reasoning strategies in planning.
    07/86 - 09/86 AI Programmer:  Employed by the San Jose State University Foundation at the NASA Ames Research Center, Aircraft Guidance and Navigation Branch.  Translated the Air Traffic Control Advisor from MRS into ART, an expert system development tool.
    09/85 - 06/86 AI Research Assistant:   Stanford University.  Programmer for Dr. D. Sleeman's rule-based intelligent tutoring system, PIXIE.  Work included design and support of both the software and the project as a whole.
    03/86 - 11/86 Psychology Research Assistant:  Assisted Dr. M. Gluck of the Stanford University Psychology Department in evaluating the ability of connectionist networks to model human categorisation performance.
    01/87 - 08/87 AI Planning:  Completed an Honours thesis under the supervision of Prof. N. Nilsson on integrating the STRIPS planning system with the ATMS, an AI reasoning system.
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