logo Bounded Rationality in Choice:
Theory,  Application, Welfare and Experiments
Two day workshop,
University of St. Andrews, Monday 29th July and Tuesday 30th July 2013


31st July 2013: the day after! Photos added here.

23rd July 2013: the list of registered participants is now available here.

21st July 2013: claim form for travel expenses (Scottish academic members of staff and Research students, second class train fare) are available here.

5th July 2013: getting into McIntosh Hall and David Russel Apartments, see here.

1st July 2013: location and walk maps added, see here.

Was this the first BRIC?
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Stop press - laying the second brick

BRIC 2014 is going to take place in Barcelona, 9-10 June 2014 - The call for paper is here - link to the webpage as soon as it is up.

The first BRIC workshop was held in St. Andrews (webcam needs Java to run) Scotland, on Monday 29th July and Tuesday 30th July 2013 to accommodate the small but growing crowd of researchers working in the following areas of bounded rationality:

- axiomatic analysis of choice procedures;
- innovative 'revealed preference' analysis/experiments;
- frameworks allowing data additional to mere choice/menu;
- notions of bounded rationality;
- welfare and boundedly rational choice;
- applications of bounded rationality to multiperson settings (e.g. market)

The structure is that of a workshop, with more participants than speakers, no parallel sessions, no invited speakers, and enough breaks to allow people to talk and discuss. Registration is free, with local hosts taking care of lunches, coffee breaks and at least some dinner(s) and participants, whether speakers or not, taking care of their travel and accommodation costs.

If funding permits we may be able to contribute towards expenses for more junior participants.

The preliminary rogramme of the workshop is now available here.

The conference is partly sponsored by the Scottish Institute for Research in Economics: SIRE will offer travel expenses (second class rail fare) to all academics (faculty and student) based in Scotland. In addition, Scottish doctoral students are entitled to free accommodation - please see here for further details.

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Paola Manzini and Marco Mariotti

Administrative support:
Mrs Angela Hodge
Mr Samer Adra
Miss Yu-Lin Hsu



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