Mazda Miata - 5.0 V8 - "Powered by Ford"

What is it?

The first Miata V8 conversions were originally carried out by Monster Motorsports. These cars were hailed as `dramatic' in a straight line but somewhat under developed. They used RX-7 front uprights and the Miata suspension components at the rear. There are many magazine articles and reviews of these early cars and they typically complain of heavy steering and excessive bump steer. This is particularly apparent on the `Mega Monster' supercharged cars where the rack mountings had been moved downwards on the sub frame, changing the suspension geometry and introducing bump steer. Early cars also retained the original back end, however, conversions have long since been re-engineered to accept a Ford Thunderbird 7.5 differential unit in order to avoid the destructive results of this much torque.

Further development and the availability of after market big brakes and suspension components allowed the use of all Miata suspension, thus eliminating these problems. Current cars widely enjoy the analogy of a `modern Cobra'. This is a small well balanced car with fully adjustable independent suspension front and rear and fitted with some serious torque.

The base vehicle for this example was a 1991 BRG Special Edition that was purchased specifically for the purpose of this conversion. The body shell had completed about 64k miles originally and has covered a further 5k since completion. This car was built in 2001 and is quite unusual in that it features a version of the Miata power steering. A similar car has been featured in Grassroots Motorsports magazine.

Engine & Drivetrain

Wheels, Tires & Brakes