Doctoral Students
Updated Feb 2011.

Current Doctoral Students:

Nicholas Tomko
Personal website
(1) Incremental evolution studies (2) Metagenomics (3) Thermodynamics and MEPP.
[Research started: Oct 2009]
From 2011, acting as an External Supervisor, with Andy Philipiddes as Internal Supervisor..

Completed doctoral theses

Ibrahim Kuscu
Evolutionary generalisation and genetic programming (1999)
I supervised the last year of his doctoral work.

Gabriela Ochoa
Error thresholds and optimal mutation rates in genetic algorithms (2001)

Lionel Barnett
Evolutionary search on fitness landscapes with neutral networks (2003)
Available as softback printed copy from or as a free download (3.1Mb) from

Elio Tuci
An exploration on the evolution of learning behaviour using robot based models (2004)

Rainer Hilscher
Agent based models of competitive speciation (2005)
Available as softback printed copy from or as a free download (6.2Mb) from

Ka Yin Caroline Ong
Philosophical Robotics (2006)
Available as softback printed copy from or as a free download (2.1Mb) from

Alex Penn
CCNR webpage  Personal website
Ecosystem Selection: Simulation, Experiment and Theory (2006).

Rachel Wood
CCNR webpage
Jointly supervised by myself and Ezequiel di Paolo.
Small but perfectly formed: evolutionary robotics models of 'minimal' developmental systems.

Eric Vaughan
CCNR webpage Personal website,
Jointly supervised by myself and Ezequiel di Paolo.
Adding power and control to Passive Dynamic Walking. Development of a bipedal humanoid.
Link to DPhil thesis as first submitted 29 Oct 2007:-

Eduardo Izquierdo-Torres

CCNR webpage Personal website
The artificial evolution of learning behaviour: an Embodied, Situated and Dynamical Systems Approach (2008)

Simon MacGregor
CCNR webpage
The application of biologically inspired strategies to learning in structured domains such as mathematics. (2009)

James Dyke
CCNR webpage Personal website
Homeostasis, Daisyworld and the Gaia hypothesis. Maximum Entropy Production (2009)

Bill Bigge
CCNR webpage Personal website
The programmable spring: Towards physical emulators of mechanical systems. (2010)

Marcos Rosetti
Since Oct 2008, jointly supervised by Phil Husbands and myself..
Analysing and modelling search behaviour in humans.(2010)

Allister Furey
CCNR webpage Personal website
Developing evolved neural network controllers for tethered wing control.
[Thesis submitted: Jan 2011. Awaiting examination]

Greg Studer
CCNR webpage 
Personal website
Computing multi-scale organizations through assembly (2010)

Nathaniel Virgo
CCNR webpage
Thermodynamics and the Structure of Living Systems (2010)

Matthew Egbert
Personal website
Supervised from Jan 2010, formerly Ezequiel Di Paolo main supervisor
Adaptation from Interactions between Metabolism and Behaviour. An Exploration on the Computational Chemo-ethology of Abstract Protocells.
[Thesis submitted: Dec 2010. Awaiting examination]

Intermitting without completion of thesis
Sampsa Sojakka
CCNR webpage Personal website
Jointly supervised by myself and Ezequiel di Paolo.
Models and algorithms of neural structures capable of incremental evolution through the acquisition of dynamics required to maintain stability in changing environments.

Fernando Almeida e Costa
CCNR webpage Personal website
The role of morphologies and morphodynamics in cognitive activity.

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