Cann tables: Premier League

conventional table
PointsTeam gd (games in hand)
18Man City 12
16Arsenal 6 Man Utd 4
15Crystal Palace 4 Leicester 2
14West Ham 6
13Everton 4 Tottenham 4
12Southampton 3 Liverpool -2
10Swansea 0 Watford -1
9Norwich -2 Stoke -2
8Bournemouth -2 Chelsea -5 West Brom -5
4Aston Villa -5
3Sunderland -10 Newcastle -11


The concept of the Cann table is due to Jenny Cann. She published the "Visual League Table" from January 1998 until her tragic death just before the end of the 2002/3 season. You can view (incomplete) archives of the original table at <*/>.

Mike Pitt now publishes a manually updated version, which he calls the "Alternative Premier League Table" or the "Cann Table".

It was Arseweb which first drew my attention to Jenny Cann's table.

The data used to generate this table is currently sourced from the BBC.