global justice

  political violence

a research network at Sussex university

spring-summer 2003 fortnightly seminars Wednesdays at 3 pm in EDB 340

5 March            Marie-Benedicte Dembour & Emily Haslam (Sussex): Victim-Witnesses at War Crimes Trials: Silencing Hearings?

(Thursday) 5 June, 2 pm, room to be announced: Michael Mann (Sociology, UCLA) Explaining murderous ethnic cleansing: eight theses

past sessions and online papers:


19 February      Marlies Glasius (LSE) ‘Women’s Groups v. Pro-Lifers at UN fora: Who is the real civil society?  

5 February        Professor David Campbell (Newcastle): The Biopolitics of Security: Oil, Empire and the SUV

29 January        William Outhwaite (Sussex): Habermas and Global Justice

8 January          postponed due to illness Andrew Chitty (Sussex): Hegel, Recognition and Human Rights


4 December     Dr Greg Kent, University of Sussex: 'Britain and the War against Bosnia: foreign policy and media representation'

4 November    (in the IR & Politics series): Martin Shaw, University of Sussex: Risk-transfer militarism, small massacres and the historic legitimacy of war, Mon , 3 pm, C219

30 October     Dr Martin Coward, Lecturer in International Relations, University of Sussex: Urbicide in Bosnia (Paper prepared for conference "Cities as Strategic Sites: Militarisation, Anti-Globalisation and Warfare", 6th - 9th November 2002. Draft, do not cite without author's permission.)

16 October     Roundtable: War against Iraq?  Professor Mary Kaldor, London School of Economics; Professor Martin Shaw, University of Sussex; Yasser Alaskary, Iraqi Prospect Organisation

1 May             Inaugural roundtable: Global justice from Milosevic to Sharon ... and Arafat? Zdenek Kavan (International Relations), Emily Haslam (Law), Martin Shaw (International Relations) Julian Saurin (International Relations) Chair: Richard Wilson (Social Anthropology)

editorial group Zdenek Kavan, Martin Shaw, Neil Stammers, Richard Wilson University of Sussex, Brighton BN1 9SN

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