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Ongoing Work: Splash in a Pond

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Dan Chalmers is a senior lecturer in the Foundations of Software Systems group of the Department of Informatics at the University of Sussex.

He has a B.Eng(Hons) in Software Engineering from UMIST (now part of Manchester university), an MSc in Advanced Computing and a PhD both from the Dept. of Computing, Imperial College London, and a PGCert(HE) from Sussex. He has also worked for Ericsson on exchange management systems and database platforms for speech applications; and with various small companies advising on data management, use of maps in web sites and system security.

His research is focused on the way knowledge of context (including resource limits, location, and other physical and social aspects of context) can be used to modify behaviour, affect data display and configuration of systems. This use of context has been explored in various research projects, including: with the Ordnance Survey on use of maps in mobile devices; in managing trust when shopping in markets; providing data on energy consumption to users in homes and offices; and supporting people who feel shy when confronted by the expectation of very public data often made by new technology. These projects take my interests beyond context, to include sensor networks, middleware and data representation, and have involved collaborations with researchers in computing theory, human computer interaction, networks, hypermedia, psychology and sociology.

He lives in Brighton with his family.