Antoine Dahlqvist

Welcome to my homepage! I am Lecturer at the University of Sussex in the group of Probability and Statistics.


University of Sussex,

School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences,

Pevensey 3 Building,

Brighton, UK

Office: 5 C27

Research interest:

Probability, Random matrices,  two dimensional Yang-Mills measure, free probability, stochastic analysis, statistical mechanics, combinatorics, representation theory.

Publications and preprints:

PhD Studentship:

A PhD Studentship on the above topics is currently available at the University of Sussex. Students with a strong background in Probability, Combinatorics or Geometry will be considered. Enquiries can be sent at the above email address.

PhD Thesis:

Supervised by Thierry Lévy in LPMA, Paris 6, defended in February 2014,

  Schur-Weyl Duality, Brownian motion on classical compact Lie groups and asymptotic study of Yang-Mills measure  (partly in french)

Math seminars at Sussex:  
I am co-organising the Mathematical Physics seminar taking place fortnightly during terms in Pev III 5C11.

Collaborators:  Benson Au, David Brydges, Guillaume Cébron, Benoît Collins, Fabio Deelan Cunden, Joscha Diehl, Bruce Driver, Franck Gabriel, Todd Kemp, Thibaut Lemoine, Camille Male, James Norris, Neil O'Connell, Gordon Slade

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